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Arte Brasileira Atenas is a cultural center founded in 2018 with the aim of opening a channel of communication for the dissemination of a part of Brazilian history and culture.

We gladly and gratefully share our experiences and continue to create a whole community of people who love Brazil. We will be happy to have you come to our place, to welcome you to our community and to be our companions on this magical journey of cultures and senses.

​In our space we transmit the art of Capoeira and the art of Samba with respect for people, tradition and history.

Capoeira Angola coordinated by Contra Mestre Dudu is closely related to the culture and history of Brazil and is linked to the struggle of Afro-Brazilian ancestors for freedom. Through Capoeira Angola, our center protects and spreads ancestral values. Diversity and equality are some of the values that make up a positive and more inclusive society. Everyone can exercise, learn to play musical instruments, sing and experience the benefits of Capoeira on a physical and mental level.

In addition, through the «Projeto Sambatuke Greece © 2018» program and Cultural program «Afro-Brazilian Roots in Greece © 2023» (Raízes Afro-Brasileiras na Grécia © 2023), which were created and coordinated by both Contra Mestre Dudu and Professor Gislene Ausech Antonucci, we contribute to the strengthening, awareness and expansion of Afro-Brazilian Culture.


καποειρα αθηνα σχολή καποειρα αθηνα capoeira angola αθηνα Arte Brasileira Atenas Contra Mestre Dudu
Contra Mestre Dudu

Capoeira Angola

Carlos Eduardo Guerra Costa, known in the capoeira world as Contra Mestre Dudu, was born in Santos, Brazil.


He started capoeira in 1990 with Mestre Pacifico in Santos, Brazil. In 1991, the municipality in Santos, Brazil, a capoeira program was created in schools that lasted 3 years and involved many children, including Contra Mestre Dudu. In this specific capoeira program, which had several teachers, he also had the honor of meeting Mestre Paulinho who now lives in Greece.


In 1994 Mestre Paulinho and Mestre Ediandro (Banzo de Senzala Barcelona) created a program at the Capoeira Senzala Association of Santos, Brazil. In 1996 he continued training with Mestre Paulinho, and in 1999 he graduated from the capoeira association Senzala of Santos, Brazil and he was now able to transmit the art of capoeira. 


In 2003 he continued training at the Capoeira Senzala Association of Santos, Brazil with the great Mestre Sombra.

Since 2006 he lives in Athens (Greece) and teaches the art of capoeira. He founded the first Capoeira Angola group in Greece «Centro Cultural Capoeiragem».

In 2009 in Athens (Greece), he was recognized as Professor Capoeira.

In 2022 in Athens (Greece), he was recognized as Contra Mestre de Capoeira by Mestre Plínio (Angoleiro Sim Sinhô São Paulo). 

The Angoleiro Sim Sinhô group was founded by Mestre Plinio in 1993, in the Consolação Street area of São Paulo. The Capoeira Angola Angoleiro sim Sinhô center aims to preserve and spread Capoeira Angola.

He has organized and participated in experiential seminars and events. We mention a few of them :

-Meeting of Capoeira Senzala Athens and Capoeiragem, 2008 & 2009

-Capoeira Angola Seminar to Professor Kenneth, 2010.

-Capoeira Angola Seminar Treinel Xara, 2012.

-Capoeira Angola Seminar master Pezão, 2013

-Capoeira Angola Workshop with master Plínio Angoleiro Sim Sinhô, 2014 and 2015 

-1st Meeting of Capoeira Angola Athens - Zakynthos, 2016

-Vivência Capoeira Angola with Mestre Laércio Filhos de Angola, 2017

-Vivência Capoeira Angola with  Mestre João Grande - Angola Center New York, Athens, 2018

-Ceremony in tribute to Mestre João Grande- Angola Center New York, Brazilian Embassy, Athens, 2018


-Ελλάδα έχεις Ταλέντο

-Capoeira Show Ballet - Giorgos Mazonakis, 2006

-MAD (show) - Eleni Foureira

-Video clip - Xenia Ghali 

-Video clip - CELEBRITY SKIN

-Program Capoeira - Park Stavros Niarchos, 2017-2019


μαθηματα σαμπα σχολη χορου σαμπα Gislene Ausech Arte Brasileira Atenas
Gislene Ausech Antonucci

Samba, Forró, Pilates

Born in Cândido Mota, São Paulo, Brazilian artist, dancer and Pilates instructor, Gislene Ausech Antonucci, trained according to the method of the Royal Academy of Dancing. She is a Member of the Brazilian Dance Union, MEC (Ministry of Education, Culture) and Member of the International Dance Council/UNESCO. In 2022 in Athens (Greece), she was recognized as Treinel de Capoeira Angola by Contra Mestre Dudu (Angoleiro Sim Sinhô Atenas). At the same time, she is studying at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (EKPA) in the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science (TEFAA).

Trained by the most important dance professionals. She has taught ballet in private dance schools in Brazil and participated in a public program teaching ballet to underprivileged children. As a dancer she has toured classical works such as Dom Quixote, Gisele, Raymonda, as well as modern repertoire. Also in children's theater performances and in theater in general. She has choreographed artistic events in Brazil, shows in Greece and events such as Brazilian Day and Festival Latino Zapeion.

With many years of experience in the path of movement and the capabilities of the human body, since 2002, she has been focusing her work on Brazilian culture, embarking on a magical journey with Brazilian rhythms in Athens. Since then, she has developed Brazilian rhythm classes, with her own method (based on dance techniques provided and still provided by her endless search and learning), which focuses on the transmission of Afro-Brazilian culture according to the needs of each individual, according to the history of each person's body, respecting any kind of "border" and aiming to bring the individual closer to her primitive nature.


Since 2003, she has been a Forró Instructor and contributed to its dissemination with educational parties and events at the Folie Club, which is the first club that brought Brazilian culture to Greece.

Coordinates Samba, Sambatuke, Forro, Pilates classes. Also Capoeira Babies classes under the supervision of Contra Mestre Dudu.

She has organized and participated in experiential seminars and events. We mention a few of them :

-Samba, maculele e Capoeira show Festival Internacional, Leukada, 2014

-Program Samba - Park Stavros Niarchos, 2017-2018

-Projeto Sambatuke Concert in solidarity with the victims of the Earthquake in Mexico - Anna and Maria Kalouta Theatre, 2017

-Ceremony in tribute to Mestre João Grande - Angola Center New York, Brazilian Embassy, Athens, 2018

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