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Brazilian Samba Lessons

Registrations are possible all year round !

Registrations are made by appointment at the school on operating days

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Spiros Plessas

«My Capoeira Angola teacher, Contra Mestre Dudu, is my reference in Capoeira. He is the source of what I know and I continue to learn about Capoeira. He is communicative, with broad and multi-level knowledge and respect to tradition. He offers a complete Capoeira Angola experience (kinesiology, musical instruments, singing and history).
...Also, the place is warm, with clean energy and made with love. Gislene and Dudu, continue to give their passion for what they do. The respect that exists in the tradition of Capoeira Angola and Samba is also evident in the space and in the way Gislene and Dudu teach. Arte Brasileira Atenas is a genuine "home" of Afro-Brazilian culture in Athens. So Vida longa to its founders!»

Ina Koutsoukou

«Attending Brazilian samba lessons with Gislene Antonucci Ausech, I feel it is a great experience that I want to continue.


Gislene is insightful, communicative and shares in-depth knowledge in both practice and theory, applying a holistic approach to Brazilian culture. Cheerful and kind, she inspires you to explore and love the culture of samba, authentically and respectfully connecting past, present and future. With the lessons I am constantly improving my body, feeling healthier and greatly developing my samba dancing skills...»

Α. K.

«Dudu and Gislene welcome their students with warmth and smiles every day. They welcome visitors who want to learn about capoeira, samba and forrò as well as passers-by. Passers-by who listen to the music outside and want to see where is coming from! At Arte Brasileira Atenas, the soul of Brazil comes alive!

How about dancing with your soul, clearing your mind? Guess what, you can do it! At the Arte Brasileira Atenas you can go and dance Forrò. Relax and have fun with the teachers and the students…!»

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All Videos

All Videos
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Entertv: To "Happy Day" κάνει... καποέιρα!

Entertv: To "Happy Day" κάνει... καποέιρα!

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Arte Brasileira Atenas Treino de Capoeira

Arte Brasileira Atenas Treino de Capoeira

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Brazilian Day 2019 TV Alpha Capoeira e Samba

Brazilian Day 2019 TV Alpha Capoeira e Samba

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